is unique initiative by Keesha Saphalata who are running the IT related business for past years. The founder of Keesha Saphalata, Mdm Koshilya Shanmugam Dass graduated in Information Technology (Bsc)has clear vision and plan to develop this unique product.


Tamil known as one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world. Tamil has one of the richest literature’s in the world which existed for over 2000 years and with history over 3000 years. 100's of Millions of people are speaking Tamil thru out the world but there are big percentage who unable to read the language.

WHAT IS SO UNIQUE ABOUT www.klik2tamil.com?

Practically, klik2tamil is designed purely for the Tamil speakers globally BUT who unable to read the language. This is where www.klik2tamil.com playing an important role by providing 1 stop center E-Tutting or E-Learning courses for those who interested. If Tamil is a mother-tongue to a individual, then reading and speaking is essential and those who have difficulties in this area, they can always depend on www.klik2tamil.com.


To learn any language in this world either for reading or speaking, there is no any universal method that can guaranteed the result BUT there is always a great guidance from the experts. The unique learning method created by Keesha Saphalata thru klik2tamil program will really carry weight and assisting you to start recognizing and reading the Tamil font within 30 Days to 90 Days.


1)Virtual Classroom – Giving an real   classroom feeling.
2)Notes - Soft guidance.
3)Practices - Test your knowledge

With the above 3 simple method, you will be able to recognize the Tamil fonts and letters. Whats next?, of course start to read the words by spelling the individual letters contained in every words. The more you practice, the faster you learn. Although klik2tamil is a product designed for you to learn to read Tamil, we also providing more information about Tamil languages, practices, history, references and etc which will be handy in daily life.


We in Keesha Saphalata, bringing you klik2tamil with quality satisfication and we understand that, this is only viable with the quality educators in line. Our educators are the heart-piece of this program development process where all our educators have minimum experience in teaching Tamil nothing less than 30 Years. Our educators has vast knowledge in teaching and guiding you thru out your stay with us.

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